Job Descriptions – Registered Nurse


The purpose of the position is to ensure the smooth operation of the organization and to meet the needs of clients. The position is responsible for fulfilling the contractual duties as outlined in client agreements

Standard Procedures
  • Familiarize oneself with TLC Muskoka’s policies and procedures
  • Familiarize oneself with TLC Muskoka’s scheduling program
  • Inform TLC Muskoka of any shifts they are unable to accept, for example, Day, Evening or Night
  • Inform TLC Muskoka dates they are unavailable to accept a shift
  • Upon accepting a shift, perform the duties as directed in accordance with regulatory standards
  • If unable to fill a shift, report immediately to TLC Muskoka management
Nursing Agency
  • Familiarize oneself with Facility operational policies and procedures
    • Supervise staff as assigned
    • Charting
    • Medication Procedures
    • Resident Care
  • If there is a conflict with Facility procedures and regulatory standard the incumbent will report the issue immediately to TLC Muskoka management.
  • Complete, obtain Facility signature and submit timesheets in the approved time frame

Home Care
  • Perform nursing duties as contracted by the Client in the Client’s place of residence (private home, retirement, long-term care, hospital)
  • Make appropriate, standard health care practice, recommendations to client and/or caregivers, other healthcare practitioners and family within the scope of a Registered Nurse
  • Report any incidents that are of concern to TLC Muskoka management and, if necessary, other appropriate agencies

  • To ensure that appropriate documentation is completed as required:
  • Time Sheets
  • Incident reports
  • Where appropriate:  Care Plans, Progress Notes


  • Comply with regulatory requirements for employee and client confidentiality rights
  • Not discuss staff or client issues with anyone other than the appropriate Facility or TLC Muskoka staff and when discussing these issues ensure that the communication is done discretely and in private

  • Current Registered Nursing
  • Computer Literate
  • Strong Communication and Organization
  • Conflict Resolution
Working Conditions

This position may require the incumbent to work, as required

  • day, evening and night shifts
  • weekends
  • on call
  • unscheduled shifts
  • use of a personal vehicle

The incumbent is paid on a scheduled per hour basis and required to self-report their time electronically and/or paper timesheets.

Physical requirements
  • This position may require the incumbent to perform lifting of persons and objects according to Health and Safety standards.

Direct Reporting
  • The incumbent may supervise the following:

    • RNs, RPNs, PSWs, URC
    • Home Care Staff, RPNs, PSWs, URC

    Note:  supervision follows appropriate regulatory policies and standards, for example, CNO, RHRA, and the Long-Term Health Care Act

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